Trail Kitchens Kitchen Pod

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The Kitchen Pod is Trail Kitchen's most space efficient package for a full featured Campervan Kitchen with space for a fridge. Available for both driver's and passenger side mounting and three exterior finishes. This all in one package combines all of the essentials for a full featured van kitchen 

  1. Marine grade water system 
  2. Portable 15,000 btu single burner butane stove,
  3. Dedicated dining, cooking and utensil storage
  4. Dometic CRX 65 qt. fridge/freezer compatible (not included)
  5. Custom Travois-specific features to increase modular compatibility 

Overall  Dimensions 37"W x 20.5"D x 33"T

Dry weight with all equipment - 145 lbs 

Shipping weight on standard pallet - 190 lbs

Integration of all of these components into a compact package is a challenge. Therefore we include the single burner stove, dining set for 4, coffee mugs, fry pan, collapsible dish tubs as standard equipment. You can order the Kitchen Pod to be compatible with a Dometic CRX 65 fridge/freezer or with a storage cabinet in that same space  

Features include

  • Marine grade water system with 50 psi, 3.5 GPM pump, Carbon block filter, 12 inch diameter Stainless steel sink and an arc faucet with pull out sprayer
  • Rigid polyethylene 9 gallon fresh water and 6 gallon grey water tanks are located under the sink and the grey water tank has a remotely actuated valve for easy disposal of the grey water
  • Quick release fitments for filling the fresh water
  • Pump wiring is complete- simply connect to your 12V system. A standard blade style fuse and switches for the water pump and grey water evacuation valve are included 
  • Wormy maple counter top is standard. Alternate counter top materials to match your interior are possible (inquire at 
  • Custom Travois-specific features to maximize modular compatibility and functionality with Travois and other modular products.  If you are interested in pairing Travois and Trail Kitchens products please contact us.
  • Tk's proprietary aluminum space frame construction - Light ,strong, and squeak free. The tubular space frame construction is incredibly rigid and the units mount to the floor only, ensuring a rattle and squeak free interior 
  • Passenger side configuration  includes a flip down table for use outside the van - Add $100.00  Note:  Passenger side configurations are NOT compatible with all Travois Pro Floor and Seat configurations.  If you are interested in a passenger side config please contact us.
  • Made to order.  Sales are final. Typically 3-4 weeks delivery time
  • Item must be freighted

Kitchen equipment included: 
- 1 Bugaboo fry pan w/folding handle and non-stick surface (10")
- 4 Infinity Backpacking Mugs (insulated, color coded)
- 4 Cascadian Bowls (6.4" x 1.7", color coded)
- 4 Cascadian Plates (9.5", color coded)
- 4 Pioneer Forks, Knives & Tablespoons
- 1 Collapsible Java Drip
- 6 Chopping Mats
- 2 Collapsible Dish Washing Tubs
- 1 Pivot Spatula, 1 Pivot Spoon & 1 Pack Tongs