Clip Seat

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Update: we are no longer selling the Clip Seat.  However we will begin selling single Scopema seats in late 2021.  We are also working on other single seats that will work with L-track for a possible 2022 launch.  If you are interested in Scopema 60cm single-belt seats (available as a 2-panel fold-down seat or a 3-panel seat bed) write  

L-track mounted for easy in/out and location on demand (L-track floor not included).  Pair as many clip seats as you want with an L-track embedded floor. 

Flips down to reveal a horizontal surface with 2 cup holders.

3-point seat belts.

Crash tested, European made.

20" from outside armrest to outside armrest.  Seat pan 17" from floor.  47" max overall height.

ISO-FIX Latch coming to Clip Seats in Spring 2020

weight: 61 pounds