Sprinter Westy

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**For more information or to get on the waitlist, please email info@vanevolve.com**

Safe Seating for four, Sleeps two + Kitchen & Power:

-Insulated finished floor

-All seats can move forwards or backwards on demand

-All seats removable

-3-point seat belts and ISO-FIX Latch

-Galley kitchen with 14 gallons of water storage

-50qt refrigerator

-Goal Zero YetiX 1500 with alternator charging 

-European-made seating and flooring that is thoroughly safety tested to North American and European Standards

-Simply add your own platform bed to easily sleep 4 (not included)


1. (One) 144 2-rail Van Evolve Pro Floor

2. (One) 112cm Scopema Altair Seat Bed (2 belts) 

3. (Two) Scopema Swivels (for the front seats)

4. (One) Fridge Slide Galley Kitchen (14 gallons water)

5. (One) Dometic 12V Fridge (50 Qt)

6. (One) Goal Zero Yeti 1500X (with alternator charging)   

7. Installation (pricing assumes bare clean cargo van)



-2 - 4 months lead time

-front seat swivels not compatible with air ride seats